I love Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is undoubtedly one of the best TV shows out there. It’s one of the greatest TV shows coming from ABC. It stars Ellen Pompeo as the narrator – Meredith Grey. She is the daughter of a famous surgeon, and is trying her best to follow in her mother’s footsteps. The series follows her time as an intern, and the kind of people she meets.
If you thinkĀ What do Possums Eat this is just another one of those boring medical dramas, then think again. This is one of those TV shows that can actually boast of having some depth. There are a whole lot of layers to the characters and a lot of deep issues being handled, in case you just care to look beyond the topmost layer. Despite showing a reasonable amount of blood (after all, it is a medical show), the series also has lots of humor and you’ll love the crisp, catchy dialogues. This is one of those TV shows that are completely addictive, it’s realistic, it is possible to relate to it, and it keeps you entertained with its trials and tribulations and oodles of human play.

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Those who have followed Grey’s Anatomy from the very start will realize why this is among the best TV shows on the market. It keeps you engaged because there are only a few main characters to follow along with the couplings are easy to see and easy to accept. Additionally, there are certain twists that make you sit up occasionally – for example when Addison’s former lover seems, to re-win her affects, and to make a pass at Meredith. There’s a lot of romantic intrigue too. All in all, a must-watch show!

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